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There are many factors to consider when developing a good web site.
Such as, Browser compatibility, Image optimization, Search Engine Friendly, Navigation ease, Color coordination, Update ability, Band width, and most of all will it work for the client.

Being involved in several business of our own we know the importance of complete knowledge of the product or service. And also knowing who it is that is interested in that product or service. By getting a clear picture of what the target audience will be and what their needs are we are then able to develop not only a captivating design but also a fully functional tool for users to access information quickly resulting in more traffic and more sales.

Spanish translation;
We take an entire site (text, images, flash, audio, and video) and translate it into Spanish. Now this is not a copy and paste translation. Each segment is carefully gone over by a native Spanish speaker ensuring that each phrase is not only translated but is culturally excepted.

Image creation, editing, and optimizing;
Using the latest image editing software we can create many kinds of image and effects and still ensure the highest quality with the smallest file size possible.

Flash integration;
With its ability to combine animation and sound to produce robust media content and with its scripting ability to create complicated on line applications we integrated Flash into much of our web design and multimedia presentations.

Original sound effects and music;
Creating, editing, and manipulating sound and having a musician who writes original music and lyrics we are capable of producing various types of sound projects from songs to jingle to simple sound effects.

Search Engine Friendly;
There are so many variables that effect how a page rates with each of the many different search engines. With out the knowledge one could find their site at the bottom of the list. Or worst then that band from the engine altogether.

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